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Spring  2015

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1,2,3 - online  Learn Webex via Webex

Present your entire class to synchronous distance learners (up to 1000 attendees) or work with distant co-workers on CAD designs, spreadsheets, presentations, on-line office hours, anything!

Email to or call at 4-7071 to order a WebEx Account ($252 a year).  A 30-day free demo account is available.

Participation information will be emailed to you prior to the workshop

Presented by Tom Theissen, Information Technology Services

1R, Mar 19 , 1-2

2M, Apr 6,  


3R, Apr 23, 1-2

4 - SAS Power and Sample Size

Statistical power (1-β) is the probability that a statistical test will correctly reject the null hypothesis assuming that there is an effect in the population. This workshop will cover several important factors that influence statistical power, including sample size and effect size estimates. This workshop will utilize SAS PROCedures and a point and click interface of SAS “Sample Size and Power 12.1.” Examples will be provided with various study designs to teach users how to determine the minimum sample size needed in order to achieve adequate Power for their studies. Requirements: none.

 Presented by Allie Scott, Information Technology Services


W, Mar 25,  


5 - SAS for Latent Class Analysis

Latent class analysis is a statically model directly analogous to factor analysis, in that a number of observed variables are used to predict membership into a latent class based on differences that exist between groups, people or objects. This workshop provides the researcher with an introduction to Proc LCA (must register and download free software from Penn State methodology center: This workshop will provide a brief introduction to LCA with categorical indicators and continuous measures. Requirements: Users should have some familiarity using the SAS editor and basic knowledge of structural equation modeling, Probability, and/or Regression.

 Presented by Allie Scott, Information Technology Services

R, Apr 9,  


6 - Longitudinal data analysis with SPSS

Research questions concerning longitudinal data and want some form of change over time. This workshop will discuss approaches to analyzing cross-sectional data and repeated measures using SPSS software. Requirements: none.

 Presented by Allie Scott, Information Technology Services

  F, Apr 3,  


7- Upload grades to eCampus via ‘Import’ of a csv file

Faculty now have the option to import students final grades from Sakai or an excel spreadsheet to eCampus Grade Roster.  You will learn how to create, format and edit the final grade csv file and upload to the eCampus Grade Roster

 Presented by Charlene Yang, Information Technology Services



R, May 7 ,        11-12

8- Sakai Getting Started for Faculty and Staff

This class will show you how to create and manage a Sakai site for teaching, collaboration and administration in a password-protected system. You will also learn how to share documents with your site participants and how to communicate with your site participants using the calendar tool, message tool and discussion tool. 

 Presented by Charlene Yang, Information Technology Services


M, May 11 , 1-3

9  newSakai and McGraw Hill Campus

Do you use a McGraw Hill textbook?  Check out the Sakai Integration of McGraw Hill Campus for single sign-on and Gradebook sync between MH and Sakai.

 Presented by Charlene Yang, Information Technology Services


M, May 11 , 3-4