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February and March 2015

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Strategies for Snow, flu and other situations

  • Post course materials to Sakai
  • Record or Pre-record your Lecture via Camtasia Relay, WebEx, Google Hangout or Sakai
  • Teach remotely with WebEx, Google Hangout or Sakai



Google Hangout – Connect, Share and Engage

To view schedule, select "Google Hangout" from "Google Apps for Education Training" at

To view location, go to  .

1,2,3 - Record/Pre-record your Lecture using Camtasia Relay

Camtasia Relay, is available free for all Faculty and Staff to easily record presentations, lectures, meetings, and mobile video from virtually anywhere, and share them via a streaming video server to virtually anywhere, anytime.  Simply click the record button to start recording.  The resulting video will be sent to the video server behind the scenes to be processed for you automatically. The system will email you a URL of the video for you to post to Sakai, email to your audiences, or insert into your web site.  New A Sakai-specific profile is created for you to embed your Camtasia Relay videos in the Sakai Lessons tool.

1W, Feb 18, 1-2

2R, Feb 26, 11-12

3F, Mar 6, 1-2

4,5,6 - onlineLearn Webex via Webex

Present your entire class to synchronous distance learners (up to 1000 attendees) or work with distant co-workers on CAD designs, spreadsheets, presentations, on-line office hours, anything!

Email to or call at 4-7071 to order a WebEx Account ($252 a year).  A 30-day free demo account is available.

Participation information will be emailed to you prior to the workshop

4R, Feb 19, 1-2

5M, Mar 2, 1-2

6R, Mar 19, 1-2

7, 8- Sakai Meetings tool For teaching, collaboration, office hours, community building ...

It is more than a Skype.  It not only allows you to see each other's video, but also allows you to display your PowerPoint/PDF/Word/Excel/image files and share your desktop applications. Students can also communicate with text messages if they don't have audio/video device.  Your session can be recorded and published for your students.

7F, Feb 20, 2-3

8T, Mar 3, 12-1

9 – Upload your students' midterm grades to eCampus via 'Import' of a csv file

Faculty now have the option to import students' midterm grades from Sakai or an excel spread sheet to eCampus Grade Roster.  You will learn how to create, format and edit the final grade csv file and upload to the eCampus Grade Roster


M, Mar 9, 2–3

10 - Sakai Getting Started 
This class will show you how to create and manage a Sakai site for teaching, collaboration and administration in a password-protected system. You will also learn how to share documents with your site participants and how to communicate with your site participants using the calendar tool, message tool and discussion tool. 


R, Feb 19, 10-12

11  newSakai and McGraw Hill Campus

Do you use McGraw Hill's Textbook?  Check out the Sakai Integration of McGraw Hill Campus for single sign-on and Gradebook sync between MH and Sakai.


R, Feb 19, 3-4

12 - Sakai Gradebook

Learn how to post student grades in a password-protected environment.  Students will only see their own grades. You will learn how to post student grades, how to utilize the "categories and weighting" feature to drop the lowest grade, calculate the final grade, and how you can upload grades from your spreadsheet to Sakai. 


T, Feb 17, 2-3