Information Technology Services

Computer Short Course Program

April 2014

Please register by email to ITCOURSE@ETAL.URI.EDU

All workshops are held in the  Chafee 217 Office Complex, unless noted otherwise below.

Email will be sent to you in the morning of workshop if it is canceled. 

Latest Webinar updates

Title Date Time

1, 2 -   Learn Webex, via Webex

Present entire class to distance learners up to 1000 attendees or work with distant co-workers on CAD designs, spreadsheets, presentations, anything!

Online meeting info will be sent to you after you register.

Prerequisite:  None                                             Presented by Tom Teissen, Information Technology Services

1 M, Apr 21 1-2
2  M, Apr 28

3 - SAS - Power Analysis

An introduction to the techniques of statistical Power analysis, sample size estimation, and advanced techniques for confidence interval estimation are discussed. The main goal of workshop is to describe, (a) how large a sample is needed to enable statistical judgments that are accurate and reliable and (b) how likely your statistical test will be to detect effects of a given size in a particular situation. These techniques are useful in evaluating the size of experimental effects in practice and will help you use SAS 9.3 to design a future study experiment.
Prerequisite:  None                                                  Presented by Allie Scott, Information Technology Services

T, Apr 22 1-2

4 - Evernote - helping you to Remember Everything

This workshop demonstrates the note-taking software Evernote for organizing and storing your thoughts. Tag, share, and sync notes using Mac, Windows, iPad or iPhone. Collect and store photos, screenshots, or videos, and find everything that matters.  It is your notebook for project, research, reflection, diary, travel...etc.

Prerequisite:  Evernote account (from               Presented by Charlene Yang, Information Technology Services

M, Apr 28 3-4

5 - Apple iBooks Author - Introduction

This workshop presents review and demonstration of iBooks Author which enables you to create and publish materials that will provide an interactive experiences on iPAD for your students and other readers. You will learn page layouts, adding text and images with drag-and-drop ease, including photo galleries, videos, 3D objects...etc., and finally submitting your finished work to the iBookstore for everyone in the world to download free, or, with a charge that you determine.

Prerequisite:  None                                                  Presented by Dan Persaud, Information Technology Services

 F, Apr 18


6 - Apple iBooks Author - Hands-On Session

Bring your photos, videos, documents on a flash drive for you to have a hands-on experience to organize, edit and place content into a book format and then deploy it on an iPAD.  Laptop and iPAD are available for you to use in the facility, however, you are welcome to bring your own laptop and iPAD.

Prerequisite:  Intro to iBooks Author                     Presented by Dan Persaud, Information Technology Services

F, Apr 25 11-12

7 - Online workshop - Sakai Getting Started for Faculty and Staff
This class will show you how to create and manage a Sakai site for teaching, collaboration and administration in a password-protected system. You will also learn how to share documents with your site participants and how to communicate with your site participants using the scheduling (calendar) tool, message tool and discussion tool. 

Online meeting information will be emailed to you.

Prerequisite:  None                                                    Presented by Charlene Yang, Information Technology Services

M, Apr 21 2-4

8 - Online workshop - Sakai Online Tests and Quizzes  - Auto-Grading

This class will show you how to create and manage questions for online exams, and how to administer the online exams.  The grades will automatically to the gradebook in Sakai.

Online meeting information will be emailed to you.

Prerequisite:  Sakai Getting Started                         Presented by Charlene Yang, Information Technology Services

R, Apr 24 10-12

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